What is physics?

Physics is the study of the fundamental laws of nature. It includes such topics as the study of motion, forces, heat, waves, materials and radioactivity. As the most fundamental science, its principles form the foundation of other branches of science, because the basic laws of Physics are simply expressed in mathematical equations.

What other subjects go well with Physics?

Physics is a popular and relevant choice for many students taking other science subjects or Mathematics. Many of its concepts will also appeal to those with an interest in Philosophy. It is perfectly possible, however, to take Physics alongside any other A level subjects.

What will I gain from studying the subject?

Physics has important applications in other sciences as well as numerous practical uses in many aspects of our everyday life. It is particularly important in understanding developments in a wide range of new technologies.

A level Physics is a requirement for most degree courses in Physics and Engineering. It provides a rigorous intellectual training and, as such, represents a good preparation for a wide range of courses and careers.

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