What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a subject that deals with abstract structures. Some of the arise in scientific theories while others are familiar from everyday life; a few are studied by mathematicians purely for their intrinsic beauty.

What other subjects go well with Mathematics?

Mathematics is commonly combined with Biology or Chemistry A level and enjoys a particular affinity with Physics. It also compliments Economics, Business Studies, Computing and Psychology.

What will I gain from studying the subject?

Mathematics students learn to think logically and to apply the principles they have learnt to the solution of a variety of different problems. Mathematics A level is a requirement for most Engineering courses and A level statistics is applicable to almost any course in the social sciences.

The college offers after school lessons:

AS/A2 MATHEMATICS - THURSDAY 5-7PM £575 (Full academic year per level)

A-LEVEL STATISTICS/MECHANICS - FRIDAY 5-7PM £575 (Full academic year per level)

GCSE MATHEMATICS - SATURDAY 2-4PM £550 (Full academic year per level)



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