What is chemistry?

Chemistry is a subject which investigates all living and non-living matter. It is divided into physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, and is a central science that bridges the gap between Biology and Physics. The subject provides an invaluable insight into many everyday phenomena, and helps develop the necessary practical skills, as well as reinforcing their understanding of the theoretical aspects of the subject.

What other subjects go well with chemistry?

Chemistry combines well with a number of other subjects, including Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Geography.

What will I gain from studying the subject?

Studying A level chemistry helps develop analytical skills and good scientific techniques. It is a necessary pre-requisite for degree courses in medicine and veterinary science, for the material sciences and, of course, for such subjects as chemistry and chemical engineering.

The college offers after school lessons:

AS/A2 CHEMISTRY - TUESDAY 5-7PM £575 (Full academic year per level)

GCSE CHEMISTRY - FRIDAY 4-6PM £550 (Full academic year per level)



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